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A Certain Magical Index: 1x17

The Power of God (Archangel)

Tōma confronts his father about casting Angel Fall but discovers him as knowing absolutely nothing about it. When Misha appears to them, Kaori reveals that Misha is an imposter taking advantage of her appearance as Sasha Kruezhev, a member of Annihilatus. Misha subsequently reveals herself to be one known as „Power of God“, Archangel Gabriel, the Angel who fell as a result of Angel Fall being cast, and uses her power to complete a spell to destroy the world so that she may return to Heaven. Kaori sends Tōma and his father to destroy the ritual site while she holds off the Angel. Tsuchimikado reveals that the ritual site is actually the Kamijōs‘ new residence and that Tōma’s father accidentally cast the spell from coincidentally arranging occult souvenirs around the house in a particular way. When Tsuchimikado reveals that he’s going to destroy the source of Angel Fall, Tōma tries to stop him from killing his father, but he knocks out Tōma’s father and beats up Tōma so that he is unable to move. In a sudden twist, Tsuchimikado decides to sacrifices himself to cast a spell to destroy the ritual site (despite knowing he will die using magic), which causes Misha/Gabriel to return to Heaven. When Tōma returns to the hospital again, he finds Tsuchimikado alive and well despite using magic after becoming an esper (much to his surprise), thanks to his psychic healing ability, Auto Rebirth. Tsuchimikado also reveals that he is not only a spy for Necessarius but also a freelancer for Academy City and other organizations. As an apology, he brings Tōma’s parents to visit him, but Tōma is outraged to learn that his family’s new house was completely destroyed by Tsuchimikado’s spell and then must suffer Index’s wrath for being mistreated by Tōma while she was under the spell.

A Certain Magical Index: 1×17
Jan. 29, 2009

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