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  • German Subbed

A Certain Scientific Railgun: 1x20


As more earthquakes occur, Mitsuko finds herself attacked by her porcelain dolls. Meanwhile, Kazari is given a new roommate, Eri Haruue. Whilst Mikoto and Ruiko take her out, Kazari, Kuroko and the other Judgment and AntiSkills are briefed on the cause of the earthquakes by the head of the Multi Active Rescue squad, Telestina. She explains it is the cause of Poltergeists, espers with something called RSPK syndrome that causes them to lose control over their abilities. After regrouping at the arcade, the gang decide to go to a Hanabi Festival. Mii decides to investigate the RSPK syndrome, and finds a link to AIM diffusion fields, believing the incidents are on purpose. Whilst watching the fireworks, Eri starts to space out and wander off. Just then, the effects of the poltergeist attacks, and as a lamppost almost falls on Kazari and Eri, they are saved by Telestina.

A Certain Scientific Railgun: 1×20
Feb. 19, 2010