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Ace of Diamond: 1x17

Games Are Fun

Kiryu’s ace, Hiromi Toshi, continues to dominate Seido’s batters as his speed increases as the game goes on. Miyuki decides to play a game with Toshi and has Furuya pitch full out with the goal of striking out the ace. To show off more of his dominance, Furuya hits a homer off of Toshi in the bottom of the fifth. As the two teams appear to become even, we reach the sixth inning. Sawamura is brought in to pitch the remaining four innings while Furuya is sent to the outfield to give him fielding practice and additional at bats. Takahiro Matsumoto gets pissed, thinking his team is merely practice targets for Seido’s first years. Sawamura experiences pitching problems similar to Furuya’s. However because his previous team was weak, he is used to such situations and quickly begins to adjust.

Ace of Diamond: 1×17
Feb. 02, 2014