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Fate/Zero: 1x2

False Start

Waver has a hard time commanding his servant Rider, who is actually Alexander the Great, as Rider is more interested how the world has changed since his time and wants to return to Macedonia and conquer the world once he wins the War. Rider assures Waver that he is reliable by summoning Gordius Wheel, a magical ox-drawn chariot. In Germany, Kiritsugu is playing with his daughter Ilya while Iris and Saber are watching them. Saber is surprise to see this side of Kiritsugu since she assume he was cold hearted and was upset upon learning she was a woman but Iris tells him what actually upset Kiritsugu was that Saber was forced to become the King of Britain at a young age and accepted her fate. Still, Saber admires Kiritsugu and Iris’s wishes to save the world as she also wishes to save Britain when she failed to do at her time. In Fuyuki City, serial killer Ryūnosuke Uryū has murdered a family except a young boy to summon a demon, becoming a Master and summoning the servant Caster. Impressed, Uryū gives Caster the young boy as a sacrifice but Caster let’s the boy go. However it is revealed to be a ruse as just when the boy thinks he can escape, Caster viciously kills him by a horrific creature, revealing Caster enjoys giving his victims a moment of hope before horrifically killing them. Uryū is overjoyed to meet someone as sadistic as him and vows to follow Caster anywhere which Caster reveals he use to be called Bluebeard. Upon learning the Seventh and final Master has been chosen, Kirei orders Assassin to kill Tokiomi at his mansion, only to be killed by Tokiomi’s servant, Archer.

Fate/Zero: 1×2
Oct. 09, 2011