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Fate/Zero: 1x4

Blade of the Demonic Spear

Saber and Lancer fight for supremacy. After some fierce and defensive fighting from both sides, Lancer’s master allows Lancer to use his noble phantasms. Lancer’s magic-canceling spear and cursed spear capable to causing unrecoverable wounds catch Saber by surprise. Meanwhile, Kiritsugu is keeping watch over the fight with Maiya. Kiritsugu finds Assassin watching over the battle as well, so he decides not to act rashly. From far away, Rider and his master Waver spot the battle between Saber and Lancer. Against his master’s wishes, Rider rides his Gordius Wheel down to the harbor and interrupts the battle.

Fate/Zero: 1×4
Oct. 23, 2011