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Fate/Zero: 2x11

The Last Command Seal

With Kiritsugu and Kirei fight with all of their skills, Saber finally kills Lancelot, leading to Kariya’s death, where they share one last talk. As both Kiritsugu and Kirei are about to give each other the finishing blow, the Grail’s power spreads it’s self over them. Kiritsugu finds himself in an illusionary world where the Grail, taking the form of his wife Iri, tells him he is worthy to make a wish for the Grail. However, Kiritsugu is shocked that the Grail is evil when it deconstructs his belief of killing the few for the sakes of many and tells him it cannot save the world and end conflict unless all of humanity must die which it wants to do once it is born onto Earth. The Grail attempts to convince Kiritsugu to make his wish by promising he will be together with his family again by taking the form of both Iri and Ilya, but Kiritsugu kills them as his personal happiness is not worth the lives of the world. Now back in the real world, Kirei tells Kiritsugu it was a waste to refuse the wish and he should have give it to him so he find the meaning of his existence but Kiritsugu kills him. Saber arrives at the stage where the Grail is only to encounter Archer, who tells her she should surrender and be his wife. Kiritsugu arrives but much to both Saber and Archer’s shock, he uses all of his Command Seals to force Saber to destroy the Grail using Excalibur.

Fate/Zero: 2×11
Fate/Zero: 2×11
Jun. 17, 2012