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Rainbow: 1x12


Mario finally succeeds in knocking out his opponent. Outside the police order Sakuragi to put down the knife, but Sakuragi’s only thought is of returning the boxing match. Several Army MPs arrive, and in the confusion Sakuragi is gunned down, his final thoughts being of his friends and their dreams. Mario returns home and reveals Sakuragi’s fate to Setsuko. Later at the morgue, Setsuko collapses in grief causing Mario to wonder where he and the others will go now that Sakuragi is gone. Time passes, and the six surviving friends finally meet at the tree like they promised. Mario relays Sakuragi’s final wish that they all strive to fulfill their dreams. Mario and the others then promise to make Sasaki and Ishihara pay for killing Sakuragi. Later, they discover that Sasaki is now running for mayor. While Mario departs to track down Ishihara, the others begin a campaign of intimidation against Sasaki. Mario locates Ishihara, now a mentally-broken speed addict. Ishihara mistakes Mario for Sakuragi and ask to be killed. Mario, angered that Sakuragi lost his life because of such a pathetic man, prepares to kill Ishihara.

Rainbow: 1×12
Jun. 22, 2010