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Rainbow: 1x26

Over the Rainbow

Mario receives a visit from Jeffrey, the American boxer, who asks him to visit the Army Camp. Mario obliges and is observed by a professional boxing trainer who comments that Mario’s broken right hand will make it impossible to box. He directs Mario to a doctor who may be able to heal his hand. The doctor explains that the surgery will restore his right hand with at 30% success rate but advises if the surgery fails, he will lose the use of his hand. Mario takes the deal remembering Sakuragi’s words about taking chances, and the surgery is a success. When his hand heals, Mario visits Sakuragi’s mother to pay his respects and is given Sakuragi’s boxing boots before heading to his match. Mario, with his restored hand, defeats his opponent in his boxing match. He is later seen at the tree where he and his friends carved their life’s dreams into and speaks to the late Sakuragi. After a spontanous rainstorm, an image of Sakuragi asks Mario what his dream is, to which he replies helping his friends achieve their dreams.

Rainbow: 1×26
Sep. 28, 2010