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Rainbow: 1x3


Joe leaves solitary and Sakuragi’s words are able to comfort him. Joe resolves to survive and one day reunite with his sister. Ishihara tells Uncovered that Sakuragi murdered his parents. Uncovered confronts Sakuragi in the mess hall, resulting in the two almost coming to blows. Sakuragi is taken and beaten by Ishihara who greatly hates Sakuragi for being the lone student in the school who is not afraid of him. Uncovered remembers his early childhood being poor and how his mother was sexually exploited to get food, causing him to develop a distrust in others. Ishihara discovers Uncovered with a stash of hidden cigarettes. Using Uncovered’s fear of him, Ishihara schemes to implicate Sakuragi. A fire, ignited by one of Uncovered’s tossed cigarettes, causes an evacuation of the cells. Uncovered is horrified when Ishihara purposely throws away the key to Cell 6, in an attempt to kill Sakuragi. Sakuragi confronts Uncovered outside and learns the other boys are trapped in the burning building and rushes back inside in an attempt to save them.

Rainbow: 1×3
Apr. 20, 2010