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  • German Subbed

Tales of the Abyss: 1x1

World of the Score

Luke fon Fabre is enduring another boring day „trapped inside the mansion“ of Baticul when his father calls him to the dining table. Luke’s mentor and teacher, Van is going to Daath to search for the missing Fon Master Ion. Before Van leaves, he gives Luke another training session. It is interrupted by a woman who uses fonic hymns to put the guards to sleep before confronting, then attacking Van. Luke jumps between them to stop her, but a hyperresonance occurs and they are transported to the Tataroo Valley, located on far east side of Kimlasca territory. The woman introduces herself as Tear Grants. After a battle with some monsters, they find someone willing to transport them to the capital in exchange for a treasured gem of Tear’s. During their trip, they see a large vehicle attacking a fleeing smaller one.

Oct. 03, 2008