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Tales of the Abyss: 1x5

Chosen Hero

Jade discuss with everybody what on the Fon Disc. He explains that the Fon Disc contains information about Lorelei, the aggregate sentience of the Seventh Fonon who’s existance is hypothetical. Luke still do not comphrehend the information given in which Tear learns that Luke had to recall everything he had lost such as remembering his parent’s faces and words. The ship was then attacked by an unknown fontech signiture, and the party rushes outside to see the problem. Only to be greeted by Dist the Reaper, one of the God-Generals, in which Jade calls him Dist the „Runny“. Dist demands the return of the Fon Disc that was taken from Choral Castle. He successfully snatch the disc from Jade only to find out that Jade has already memorized the contents within the disc, enraging him even further. Kaizer Dist R was summoned and was soon damaged by Splash casted by Jade. Van shows up and destroys the Fontech along with Dist, who was seen falling in the ocean. Jade commented on the fact that Dist has the tenacity of a cockroach. Luke releases hyperresonace later in the evening, scaring him. Van tells him to calm down and tells him that the reason why he was holed up in his manor because the King wanted to use him as a weapon of Kimlasca. The party enters Baticul and was greeted by Commander Goldberg and Brigadier General Cecille. They are taken to the castle of Baticul where they interrupt a meeting between the King and Grand Maestro Mohs. The letter from Emperor Peony the Ninth was delivered and King Ingobert considers the letter. The party heads to the manor where Luke lives only to be greeted by Princess Natalia, his fiancee. He finds out that his mother had fallen ill and visits her along with Tear who apologizes for being the cause of Luke’s disapearance. Luke is asked to be the good-willed ambasador of Kimlasca and head to Akzeriuth, since Malkuth asks for the aid of Kimlasca along with the peace treaty. Luke accepts the offer. Kimlasca sends Guy, the Order of Lorelei sends Tear and Van, and Jade is to accompany them as well. Van talks to Luke later in the afternoon and tells Luke that he will cause war if he were to move people out of Akzeriuth. Luke then learns that it was Van, not Malkuth, kidnapped Luke in the past now he asks Luke to run away with him to Daath. Natalia is seen eavsdropping on the two of them.

Oct. 26, 2008