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  • German Subbed

The Familiar of Zero: 2x10

The Enemy on the Snowy Alps

Louise and Saito are assigned a special mission by Princess Henrietta to attack the enemies line of defense, the City of South Gotha. The plan is to attack the town using Louise’s Void Magic to disable the enemy from engaging in battle and to prevent the death of innocent people during the crossfire. Louise accepts the the mission, but Saito is reluctant to join the war because of what he had been told by the late Colbert-sensei. During the attack, Louise is unable to perform her Void Magic and the plane crash lands, causing the mission to be a failure, forcing the princess to send her Army head on into battle. Governor Sheffield learns of a flying dragon made of steel (the crash landed fighter plane) and arranges to have it recovered. They find an enemy air fighter named Henry Stalford who is badly injured and unable to fight, so Saito helps him by carrying him to safety. The Albion troops arrive to recover the plane and kill the enemy, however the two are rescued by Julio just in time.

The Familiar of Zero: 2×10
Sep. 10, 2007