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  • German Subbed

The Familiar of Zero: 2x9

The Atonement of Flames

Colbert sensei and Saito devise a plan to enter into the building and save the hostages. Benubiro explains to Anies how his captain Snake of the Flame ruthlessly burnt the women and children to ashes. The team use their combined magic to enter the building. During the attack, Benubiro recognises Colbert-sensei who is in fact his captain Enja, Serpent of the Flame. The two enemies begin a heated battle. Agnes becomes furious and charges towards Colbert sensei. Benubiro fires a lethal fireball towards Agnes to stop her from interrupting them, Colbert-sensei pushes her away from the blast and is struck in the crossfire. Agnes takes her revenge for her town upon Benubiro and defeats him. Colbert-sensei in his last moments explains what had occurred on that fateful day. He had been given orders to destroy D’Angleterre’s Town as it had been reported to be struck with a deadly plague. After discovering there was no plague, he discovers a girl (Agnes) the only survivor and he carries her to safety. Agnes is still infuriated and she holds up her sword to strike a final blow to Colbert-sensei, but he dies before she can do so. Louise and Saito are saddened by the death of their teacher, whereas Agnes is still undecided if she will ever forgive him.

The Familiar of Zero: 2×9
Sep. 03, 2007