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  • German Subbed

Yuki Yuna is a Hero: 1x4

Shining Hearts

Itsuki, who gets nervous when singing in front of others, is anxious about an upcoming test, so the Hero Club decide to go to karaoke to help boost her confidence. Meanwhile, Fu is unnerved by a message from Taisha telling her to expect the worst. As she continues to struggle with her nerves, Itsuki thinks about the burden placed on Fu, who has been looking after her ever since their parents died. Later, as Fu laments getting Itsuki involved with the Vertex, Itsuki assures her that she feels happy being able to fight alongside her. On the day of her test, Itsuki finds a letter from everyone encouraging her to do her best, allowing her to sing with confidence and giving her a goal of becoming a singer. Soon afterwards, as Fu contemplates with worst case scenario, another forestization appears.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero: 1×4
Oct. 31, 2014